About Us

BSEP-FINAL-Collateral-Group SMALL

The BSEP+™ was spawned as a result of the principals working to help a former NHL Hockey Player procure funding for an NFL Stadium in Los Angeles. The former player is a real estate developer and he was looking to mitigate risk of the capital. This resulted in the formulation of the Balance Sheet Enhancement Platform (BSEP+™).

BSEP Plus Collateral Group (BPCG) and its principals are financial engineers that created a proprietary business method called the Balance Sheet Enhancement Platform (BSEP+™) to protect principal and produce a safe, secure, and transparent dividend. The BSEP+™ financial engineers designed it to be agile and flexible enough to meet almost any financial need.

Using the BSEP+™ algorithm, the financial engineers create investment grade collateral using life insurance, index annuity contracts, and cash management services. The financial engineers created the BSEP+™ Collateral algorithm to be far more superior and distinct to any collateral instrument on the market today, BGs, SBLCs, and/or MTNs. The BSEP+™ is more transparent, more cost effective, and better performing than any other collateral in the market today.

The financial engineers formed a Consulting Company called BSEP Plus Collateral Group (BPCG) that creates investment grade collateral for Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs), Investment Funds, (IFs), and Single Family Offices.