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Join Our Team Today! E-Commerce Portal website: COMING SOON! BPCG is waiving its Annual BSEP+™ Registration and Enrollment Fee.

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BPCG is extending an invitation to all interested and qualified individuals, for a limited time only, to enroll as a Registered BSEP+™ Representative (“BSEP+™ Plus Rep”) with your Annual BSEP+™ Registration and Enrollment Fee waived.


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BPCG is actively seeking life insurance agents, business consultants, small business experts, rainmakers, brokers, broker-dealers, wealth managers, asset managers, estate planners and other qualified individuals to join our team of Registered BSEP+™ Representatives. Through the BSEP+™ Portal, BSEP+™ Reps will gain access to a variety of tools, resources, and marketing assets to assist you in generating residual income for yourself or your team.

Individuals will have the option to enroll and register as an individual BSEP+™ Rep or enroll and register as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) BSEP+™ Reps in which you are compensated not only for “sales referrals” you generate, but also for the “sales referrals” of the other reps that you recruit into your “downline.” BSEP+™ Reps can procure multiple levels of compensation.

BSEP+™ Reps will be provided an individual profile page that will enable them to track deal flow, commissions, and receive news & information. BSEP+™ Reps will gain “exclusive” access to customizable tools, resources, and marketing materials: White Papers, Brochures, Videos, Email Marketing, Coaching & Training materials, and more.

Why Become a BSEP-REP-FINALsmall for SMBs, IFs, and SFOs

  • You can earn higher commission scales with the BSEP+, as a licensed agent
  • You can build a team of Reps and be compensated for what your team generates
  • You can get compensated with various different revenue streams
  • BPCG will provide you great resources: marketing assets, coaching, etc.
  • You can be compensated on deal-flow from around the world


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