BPCG is a Consulting Company creates investment grade collateral. BPCG and its employees are financial engineers that have created a proprietary business method creating investment grade collateral, through an algorithm, to protect principal and produce a yield.
BPCG is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or licensed U.S. Investment Adviser. BPCG and its employees are not broker dealers, life insurance agents, or representatives for annuity companies.  BPCG and its principals are financial engineers that have created a proprietary business method using investment grade collateral, through an algorithm, to protect principal and produce a yield.
The BSEP+™ and all of its variations is a patent pending business method created by the principals and has been vetted by various financial institutions: banks, lenders, brokers, insurance agents, wealth managers and the like. It has been used as a principal protector for Reg D. offerings, hedge fund project financing, and small to medium size business (SMB) collateral to procure funding.
The BSEP+™ collateral is in place once funds are procured and are in place and immediately after the insurance company issues the policy. Following that, the BSEP+™ collateral components work in cooperation with one another to provide a safe, secure, and transparent protocol. BSEP Plus Collateral Group provides the client with annual Consultancy Services to administrate the BSEP+™ Business Method, to provide structure & maintain the process and suggest product market adjustments to maximize results.
Yes. The BSEP+™ Business Method can be used to create investment grade collateral in any type of industry or sector.
Typically, the BSEP+™ Business Method Term is ten (10) years. Should the client wish, the term could be extended to fifteen (15) or twenty (20) years as well. The client has the option to exit the term at any point after year-1, subject to terms and conditions. The BSEP+™ collateral has portability and liquidity. The client can liquidate and/or transport the collateral to another project and/or business.
BPCG does not touch any client’s money in any way shape or form! Monies are housed in a cash management account at the preference of the client or the recommendation of BPCG.
The BSEP+™ collateral is created in the client’s name per the engagement letter. The annual statements are issued directly by the life insurance agency, annuity companies, and cash management companies. The statements are sent directly to the client. The statements will show the client’s accrued balances. Cash management statements can be issued quarterly or annually.
The BSEP+™ Business Method can be structured to meet almost any financial need. The BSEP+™ collateral can be created to make SMBs more “bankable” for financing. The BSEP+™ can be designed as an “attachment” to an SMB’s current business model, regardless of the sector. The BSEP+™ and its features serve as an enhancement to an SMB’s balance sheet, strengthening its due diligence for funding. The BSEP+™ collateral provides a greater pathway to funding for SMBs, with its own funding sources or thru funding sources recommended by BPCG.
The SMB can retain BPCG to model, create, and administrate the BSEP+™ collateral and attach it to your current business model. BPCG engagements are typically 12 months induration. During that time we will create the BSEP+™ collateral on your behalf for the benefit of the investment fund as part your business plan.
The BSEP+™ Business Method can be structured to meet almost any financial need. The BSEP+™ Business Method can be created to generate high yields for clients, provide risk mitigation for commercial loans, and provide principal protection for Investment Funds. The BSEP+ is far more superior and distinct to any collateral instrument on the market today. The BSEP+™ provides investment funds the ability to invest with an “investment grade” risk mitigation strategy
The IF can enter into a “customizable” engagement with BPCG to utilize its proprietary collateral for principal protection and risk mitigation strategies.
The BSEP+™ Business Method can be structured to meet almost any financial need. The impending “Student Debt Crises” can be addressed totally through a BSEP+™ collateral-based private market solution. The BSEP+™ provides a means to pay for college tuition with no repayment obligation, provide an estate strategy as well as provide protection to the family. Currently, the total Student Debt nationwide exceeds $1.2 Trillion Dollars affecting over 40 million people. BPCG has developed a variation of the BSEP+™ called the Tuition BSEP+™ that produces robust average annual cash on cash rate of return on the Tuition BSEP+™, while at the same time generating capital to pay tuition with no repayment obligation.
The SFO can enter into a “customizable” engagement with BPCG to utilize its proprietary collateral. The Tuition BSEP+™ offers SFOs “absolute control” of the BSEP+™ and its mechanisms. The BSEP+™ can be administered and managed by the SFOs utilizing its own wealth managers, agents, and practitioners. The BSEP+™ can seamlessly integrate into a SFO’s wealth Transfer, Investment Management, and Education Planning strategies. SFOs can create the BSEP+™ collateral in the way that they see best meeting the needs, wants, goals, and preferences of the HNWI and their family.
No! We are not lenders or investors. We do not provide project funding. We are service providers and our fees are for services rendered. We are not an investment fund! We do not provide funding. However, due the nature of business model, we have established great relationships with investment funds, portfolio managers etc. We are “Service Providers” that service Small-to- Medium Size Businesses (SMBs), Investment Funds (IFs), and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Under certain circumstances and engagements, we often make recommendations and/or referrals to our network of investment funds. Contact us to discuss further. Furthermore, our fees are a fraction of what is currently charged for other collateral instruments. Bank Guarantees (BGs) or Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs), which are the other types of collateral instruments, are used to support financing requests and typically charge between 12% to 20% of the total capital request. See the BSEP vs. Other Collateral Chart: (Click Here).
To establish the BSEP+™, BPCG typically charges a retainer fee of one (1.0%) percent of the funding request to be engaged. Thereafter the BPCG charges for both the establishment of the BSEP+™ Model (Set-Up Fee) and its monitoring throughout the term (Monitoring Fee). The Set-Up Fee is equal to two (2.0%) percent of the Principal Amount and is due once the investment monies are in place. The Monitoring Fee is equal to one point eight (1.8%) percent of the investor position and paid for Years one – through nine annually on the anniversary date of the engagement. The results of the respective BSEP+™ products are net of all fees and expenses.
Life insurance and annuity commissions earned as a result of the BSEP+™ Business Method are both substantial and residual in nature. Life insurance and annuity commissions are paid by the life insurance and annuity companies and in no way affect the benefits or yields due the BSEP+™ client. The premium of course is client specific and the age, sex and health will impact the premium amount and actual commission earned. BPCG does not participate in the insurance and annuity commissions’ passive income. This non-participation makes for a greater business eco-system for Registered BSEP+™ Reps.
YES. BPCG works with an international network of licensed and unlicensed brokers, broker dealers, agents, rainmakers, sales representatives, and more to generate leads, referrals, and new business engagements. All “BSEP+™ Reps” are required to enroll as a “Registered BSEP+™ Rep.” Go to the BSEP+™ Reps Page to enroll and learn more.
Upon enrollment, BSEP+™ Reps will receive various incentives, resources, and compensation plans based on the enrollment plan they choose. Enrollment plans include but are not limited to licensed agents gaining rights to write policies with higher commission scales, higher commission scales for licensed brokers, access to marketing assets and resources, and customizable compensation plans. Go to the BSEP+™ Reps Page to enroll and learn more.
BSEPPlusReps.com website will be an “e-commerce portable-based” website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. This will empower the Registered BSEP+™ Rep to procure an additional source of revenue for what he/she already does. The BSEPPlus.com website will have an associated phone app to enable BSEP Plus Reps greater access to information, assets, and resources. BPCG will launch BSEPPlus.com in the coming weeks, so please take advantage of the pre-enrollment incentives. Go to the BSEP+™ Reps Page to enroll and learn more.
The BSEP+™ Business Method uses traditional life insurance policies, indexed annuity contracts and cash management services. Everything is in the client’s name. The life insurance and annuity company issues annual statements that show the cash balances reconciled to the current value of your BSEP+™ collateral. Statements from the Cash Management are issued quarterly or annually.
Yes. Foreign nationals can use the BSEP+™ Business Method provided that they have a nexus within the United States. Obtaining certain immigration status (EB5 etc.) may be relative and conducive to foreign nationals utilizing the BSEP+™ Business Method to facilitate their U.S. nexus. BPCG and its strategic partners will work with the client to establish the nexus.
No, whether you are funded depends solely upon the viability of your business. At any given time, there are millions of Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) seeking financing. By engaging BPCG you differentiate yourself from your competitors and get the ability to obtain that critical first look from investors by having investment grade collateral attached to your business model to protect the investment amount at a very manageable cost. This differentiation will allow you to attract the initial interest and facilitate the funding process from investors because they know their principal will be protected.


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BSEP Plus Collateral Group (hereinafter referred to as “BPCG” or “the Company”) is pleased to present the Overview presentation regarding the Balanced Sheet Enhancement Platform (BSEP+™) for Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs), for Investment Funds (IFs), and , Single Family Offices (SFOs).  The BSEP+™ can be structured to make SMBs more “bankable” for funding! It can provide principal protection and risk mitigation for IFs, and provide a means to pay for college tuition with no repayment obligation for SFOs.



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