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Investment Funds (IFs)

Creates investment grade collateral for Investment Funds (IFs) to provide back office solutions to protect portfolios by providing “principal protection” using risk mitigation strategies.

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The BSEP+™ is far more superior and distinct to any collateral instrument on the market today. The BSEP+™ is more transparent, more cost effective, and better performing than any other collateral in the market today.


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The BSEP+™ Principal Protection Collateral Provides:

Investment Funds need a more strategic approach that would allow them to take advantage of the opportunities presented by high risk – high reward investments. The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) reports that “…..40 percent of venture backed companies fail; 40 percent return moderate amounts of capital; and only 20 percent or less produce high returns.” Even with this low success rate, the NVCA reports that “….the venture capital industry consistently performs above the public markets.”

What if you employed the BSEP+™ as a risk mitigation strategy for your Investment Fund? How much would this increase your success ratio as an Investment Fund? The BSEP+™ will enable Investment Funds to “comfortably” invest in high risk, high return opportunities. The BSEP+™ principal protection collateral offers Investment Funds a unique way to invest in high risk, high-growth opportunities while protecting their portfolios whether the opportunity company performs or not.

Why Choose BSEP headerfor IFs

  • Allows IFs to invest in high-risk high-reward opportunities with a risk mitigation strategy;
  • Allows IFs to provide a true “hedge” to protect investor’s positions;
  • Gives IFs a powerful marketing tool to raise additional capital;
  • Provides liquidity as well as portability for subsequent investments;
  • Provides higher than expected dividends and profits for the benefit of the IF and its investors.


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