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Single Family Offices (SFOs)

Creates investment grade collateral for Single Family Offices (SFOs) to provide back office Education Planning capital solutions for HNWIs and their families.

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The Tuition BSEP+™ will improve upon a SFO’s bottom-line by offering a solution for students to graduate from institutions debt free with no tuition debt obligation for HNWIs and their family.  The Tuition BSEP+™ is designed to solve the “Student Debt Crisis” through a BSEP+™ Collateral based private market solution.


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Single Family Offices (SFOs) manages investments and trusts for a single family, so the Tuition BSEP+™ features are very favorable to a SFOs overall business strategy. The BSEP+™ is far more superior and distinct to any collateral instrument on the market today. With its tax deferral, wealth transfer, risk management, investment management features, and more, the BSEP+™ can serve as a great addition to any SFO’s suite of services.

The BSEP+™ is more transparent, more cost effective, and better performing than any other collateral in the market today. It’s a “game changer!” A SFO can seamlessly integrate its current estate planning and wealth management strategies into the Tuition BSEP+™. The average annual cash on cash rate of return on the Tuition BSEP+™ is in excess of six (6.0%) percent, tuition is paid in full over a four (4) year period and there is no repayment obligation.


Why Choose BSEP headerfor SFOs

  • Provides both Financial and Estate Benefits;
  • Can be structured to eliminate tuition obligation debt for education planning for HNWIs;
  • Provides a private market solution for incoming students, current students and alumni to retire college debt;
  • Safe, secure and transparent and under the absolute control of SFOs and their administrators;
  • Provides win-win business opportunity for HNWI’s Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Estate Planners and Family Offices.


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