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Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Creates investment grade collateral for Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) to provide back office solutions to attract funding. We make your SMB more “bankable” for debt and/or equity financing!

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The BSEP+™ Collateral is designed as an “attachment” to an SMB’s current business model, regardless of the sector. The BSEP+™ Collateral and its features serve as an “enhancement” to an SMB’s balance sheet.



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We often hear the term “Investor Confidence.” Of course a well-drafted, well thought out business plan is required, but SMBs need to create “Investor Confidence.” This is usually done by posting collateral like: homes, stocks, bonds etc. In addition, the investment fund often requires a high interest rate and/or a substantial percentage of the SMB’s equity. This often proves unsustainable to the SMB. More importantly, it fails to separate an SMB from its competition who’s also seeking funding.

In funding agreements, collateral is a SMB’s pledge of specific asset(s) to an investment fund, to secure repayment of a loan and/or mitigate the risk of the capital. The BSEP+™ collateral will serve as protection for an investment fund against an SMB’s default, insolvency, or worst. The BSEP+™ collateral is used to offset the funding when the SMB may fall short of the obligation to pay the principal and interest under the terms of the obligation. The BSEP+™ is “collaterally assigned” to the investment fund providing them a “hedge” against the risk of an SMB’s business model. The BSEP+™ can be the “holy grail” to an SMB as they look to scale the business model. The BSEP+™ collateral is the bridge between the SMB and the investment fund. The SMB retains BPCG to create, model, and administrate the collateral and attach it to the SMBs current business model. The collateral is created on behalf of the SMB for the benefit of the investment fund.


Why Choose BSEP headerfor SMBs

  • BSEP+™ Business Method attracts initial investor interest;
  • Eliminates the need for collateral and/or personal guaranties;
  • Makes projects more “bankable” to Investment Funds and Financing Sources;
  • Investment Funds receive a (ROI) on capital regardless of how the company performs;
  • Differentiates your project from your competitors.


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